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9 Ways to Improve in 2012

Overcome the Common Challenges of Goal Setting!

Every year we all know how hard it is to keep up with your goals.  Here are some easy tips on things you can control in the New Year.  Make 2012 the best with the San Antonio Premier Group!

3 Habits of the Wealthy:

1. Create and stick to a budget.

2. Pay down and eliminate debt.

3. Build Wealth in a savings account or through wise investments.

3 Healthy Practices to Adopt in 2012

1. Eat a balanced diet.

2. Exercise. Walking 15 minutes a day has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. – Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

3. Reduce stress.  Stress leads to anxiety, fatigue and physical tension.

3 Ways to Spend More Time with Loved Ones

1. Plan a date night every week with your significant other.

2. Eat dinner together as a family or set an evening aside for game night.

3. Volunteer together.  Participate in a beach or park clean up or help out at a local soup kitchen.

Tips from Brian Buffini & Company and the San Antonio Premier Group!

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Goal Setting in the New Year!

Tips on achieving your goals in the New Year from the San Antonio Premier Group:

Practice SMART Goal Setting

S. Specific & Written

M. Measurable in Progress & Completion

A. Achievable Outcome

R. Realistic in Time & Skill

T. Time-based Achievemnt

Set SMART short-,mid- and long-term goals and visualize your success!

“Men are 22% more likely to achieve a goal when it is specific and written down, whereas women are 10% more likely to achieve a goal when they have told others about it.” – Brian Buffini & Company

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom If you

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

If you have to finance it, your can’t afford it! The only exceptions to this rule are homes and cars. If you can’t pay for it on-the-spot, then you should wait to buy it until you have saved the cash. #financialfreedom

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We are currently updating our websites, hopefully making it easier on our viewers!

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